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Code Conference

Top-Shelf Entertainers

For its exclusive, star-studded tech conference, Vox called on Scot to provide stellar entertainment for the after party. His network of entertainers brought together an evening that was celebratory and classy.

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Lightning in a Bottle

Connection + Comedy

Production company Do LaB wants to give their 25,000 attendees true, rich, heartfelt experiences. Scot was invited to create the impossible - an entertaining dating show where shy people felt safe to connect.

case study

Brand Celebration

Mattel wanted a custom performance to mark the successful launch of one of their top board games. They needed team entertainment that showed the competitive and over-all joyful feel of actual game play. Scot delivered.

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Scot Nery's Boobie Trap

Theatrical Success

For 185 consecutive weeks in L.A., Scot has been producing, booking, hosting, and promoting a circus/ variety show with world-class acts every single Wednesday. It has critical acclaim and ★★★★★ on Yelp!

Currently, Scot Nery lives in Hollywood. Nery produces shows, consults Fortune 500 companies, advises world-class artists, and entertains celebrities. He also makes occasional appearances on TV shows such as the Tonight Show, Late Late with James Corden, and Last Comic Standing. Scot's passion is to change an audience, to raise the pulse of a room, to create something memorable, and to leave them buzzing.

Splendidly surreal!

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Oscar, Emmy, Grammy Winning Comedian

Scot is one of the most hilarious comedy & variety acts that I have experienced in my 20 years of event planning... I simply say USE HIM! He is the best

Herman Beck

Guy Genis


I saw Jerry Seinfeld eh, he was okay. Saw a little Chris Rock eh, he was cool. When everybody asks me what my highlight [of the HBO Comedy Festival] was, it was seeing this guy!

Kevin Couch

Kevin Couch

National Lampoon

Unlike most corporate acts, Scot Nery is sensational in every sense!

Stefan Haves

Stefan Haves

Cirque Du Soleil

He's amazing!



Grammy Winning Musician